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Correspondence sent on September 28, 2006 to Rupert Sheldrake

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake,

Thank you for answering my e-mail. A great honor. I have sent you a letter on July 29 with some details. I will repeat some of what it was said and more. I hope I can make it interesting for you with so many e-mails to read. But I think it is very important for your research. This experiment is part of a book that I am writing ‘the conscience of our sensations”.I will explain briefly what I mean by the conscience of our sensations so you can understand how I ended up with these experiments. The “conscience” of our sensations By sensations I mean energetic impressions that are “connected” to our body organs in such a way that these organs “acquire them” (sensations) and express them. So they “form” a conscience which is the conscience of our sensations. These sensations are in/on our bodies , in our tissues because – in a way, our bodies and tissues are almost “formed”/molded – I believe- by them. Our experiences, emotions, thoughts, beliefs along our life “stay” in our organs as if they were “glued” on them independent of time forming the consistency, the tissue of these organs. When these organs are touched with “intention” or “stimulated” they provoke (sensations) which “emanate” from the organs. Each organ “keeps” the experience that impacted it or the experience that it is important to keep. These sensations are “continuous” on our body and they exist all the time .These sensations can be awakened when you “touch” the body or where that organ is located, therefore thru an external or internal stimulus. An example of what I am saying is a woman who came to me with anxiety, impatience and intestine problems even being young and athetic. When I “touched” her stomach and intestines thru placing my hands on her body with the intention of healing and with a body conscience, grounded, in a state of love the woman felt pain . This pain was linked to a short breath and when I noticed her breath I touched her lungs. Her lungs were “locked” and were not liberating air nor “inspiring” air enough. I asked her to breathe very slowly paying attention to her breathing almost as if she were on a “slow motion”so that her lungs could start “catching ” air. It was then when I felt the “sensations” that her lungs carried all the time. It was all there: intense fear, stomach pain. How did I feel that? I felt it in my body (by ressonance) and knew that this belonged to her and not to me . I also perceived this thru my senses as my mind was quiet and allowed me to perceive the sensorial. I felt as if her lungs spoke to me . I understood this was a pattern she had held all her childhood whenever there was a fearful situation. I questioned her to confirm my sensations. She then told me that the symptoms first described started when her parents separated(she was then a child) . So her lungs and stomach, intestines were exactly the same as if she were a child . They still held the impressions and sensations of when their parents fought and separated. There was fear, agony, terror. To change these sensations – as she is now an adult and nobody is threatening to go away – I had to make her conscious of what was happening to her organs and I placed hands, intention, on a loving state, talking to her in a therapeutic way, etc. She was no longer a child, her mind grew, her body grew but the sensations and emotions stayed the same until she could make them conscious that she was no longer a child and that now she could breathe freely. We can not change the facts of our lives. But we can change the sensations we had and have about these facts. (ex: from our photos)and perhaps end up changing our thoughts, our way of thinking and feelings and …perhaps…who knows…our bodies may change too. The Experiment One day, I had a strong feeling – very strong that I should ask everyone at class to bring a photo of when they were a child. I had no idea what to do with the photos. But, courageously asked everyone to place them on a table. Then I started doing exercises on sensorial and perception development. These exercises lead you to perceive the moment reality which you are and promote your reaching any past, present or future situation. As it sounds incongruent and strange I found out that it is only thru the present that you can change the past and future.(hence the family constellations of Bert Hellinger – I have not told him this as he, himself dislike explanations) But the present is a door that takes you to the “right” ways of living.The present has the unique truth of each moment and this truth can take you to a good “future”.

It has do with the movement of life in a ” chemistry way”(sorry this phrase came to me) Each atom is responsible for the memory of humanity and it is thru the present that you reach this memory. We can capture the electromagnetic waves being “in the now” and we can catch the “real truth” of any situation. Everything is contained in atoms and as you “breathe” you can absorb the information that it contains there. If you “stay” in the moment there is a wisdom there and how things have to be. It is also thru the present that you can change the past. Thru your emotions you register on your atmos the feeling that it was not good changing your story. We continued to do the exercises. Some exercises are grounding yourself (body exercises to make you feel in contact with the earth very real, very present such as exercises on “drums” which makes you feel linked to the earth- etc. ). Then you breathe in a way which you can feel calmer and your brain wave goes to “alpha” state , your heart beats slower and you start to feel very calm and good. You are still conscious of everything but you become conscious of your body and its sensations, its fluids, its feelings, its pains and pleasures in a very deep and profound way (thats how we can “learn” if we have diseases in our body because we are so connected to the body). On some experiments of your books, Mr. Sheldrake, I understood that the people who do the experiments do not prepare themselves for them in this manner: – as body connection, linking themselves to the earth, calming down, etc etc but to us it is very important if you want to be able to “perceive” anything outside from your rational mind. So it is important that I tell you that on this experiment of our photos we prepare ourselves to “perceive” what it is not normallly perceived in normal beta brain waves, I mean by our normal state of being. So I asked everyone to look at their photos and perceive what sensations were linked to that particular photo at that particular time. What was that child feeling? What went thru her mind and heart? Expressions of eyes? Etc? Since we were all on a calmer state of mind and very quiet – we picked our photos and looked. When you look at it if you “fix” your look you can see EXACTLY what had happened at that time your photo was taken. We read our sensations. Some “saw” sadness and some “saw” loneliness. I was on top of my dads car as well as other brothers and had 2 years old and mother was by my side. I perceived my “fear” of falling off the car. This was the first time I had noticed this on the photo even having looked at it many times- Also I realized that my “history” of falls initiated as a child – breaking a foot, having back problems..etc One woman saw her child had “deep sad eyes” and she was astonished. Other had similar experiences. Every single person saw something they had never seen before. After hearing all perceptions, still in quietness I asked them to place their photos on a table and we “prepared” ourselves to do the healing. (I was “following” internal sensations of what I had to do step by step still not knowing what the results were going to be). We breathed and felt calm and listen to our heart and felt good- This feeling of good has nothing to do with “forcing” feeling good. It comes naturally when you “quiet” your mind it comes a feeling of “peace”-almost like a state for meditation. Since I did not know what “was going to happen” we all put aside our observations found on our photos and placed our hands above our photos for 1 minute .We walked around that table and several hands were on all photos stopping 1 minute on each photo. All in silence. After all done we sat. We took some time to “rest’ from the healings – about 5 minutes. I still didnt know what to do but then it came a feeling that I should ask everyone to “pick up” our photos. So we did and looked at them again. I didn’t know what “to look for” so I said nothing to them and wonder, myself, what was going to happen. Me, proposing such an experiment without having a plan? All I knew was that we were to look at our photos. Look well. And for the first time I “saw” my mothers hand on mine holding me so I would not fall – I had not seen her hand before and had looked at this photo “hundreds” of time before. But there it was. Hidden on her large skirt she was holding my hand. A woman who had seen her “sad” eyes saw now happy and pretty eyes. She was atonished. So atonished at the “change’ that she was speechless for a time. This same woman took this photo home on that same day and her daughter seeing her come into the door with the photo in her hand (her photo was a big size) said: “mother ..why are you holding that ugly sad photo of yours?”. Mother gaveher the photo and without explaining anything said: “look”.Daughter looked at the photo and said_ “how funny- your eyes are pretty and I thought they were sad but they look very nice now”. (she told us the next day). Many students “saw” sensations and emotions they had never perceived before. After the healing they also “perceived” other – positive- sensations on the photographs and felt the same themselves. A great healing. So, when we heal the photos we are healing ourselves and our sensations at the time we took our photos and for the future too, I believe. I decided to do this on “different stages” of my life and took a photo of when I was 20 years old, pretty at a dinner reunion. When I looked at it I “saw’ how naive and how I had “great expectations” of life at that time. Then I realized that these great expectations still continued on my life- of course! they are sensations held in my body of those times but they had never been healed (I didnt even know I was like that). I I took this photo to one of the courses and did the healing (remember that there are many hands on it).When I looked at it looking for the “change” (now I knew there was going to be some change…) I saw a new criticism on my eyes and at first I had not understood what it meant believing that the healing was for the better why did I come up with “criticism”? But then it dawn on me that this simply meant that I must be more “critical” and look to things more critically instead of having ‘great expectations”. Needless to say that I started to be like that (more critical) since the healing of my photo. This has helped me to be more realistic in my expectations of life. Whether this was a change thru my own desire or thru the new conscience of the photo I dont know. Since then I have done this on somel photos I wanted to change. But I notice that the healing I do by myself is not so powerful when we do together with other people. And most important I notice that there is a dramatic change on each person after this exercise. Most important too is that I looked at the “healed photos” several times afterwards and they all seem to have that “new look” , or the new healing particular aspect on them. They were not the same any more. Also I noticed that healing thru “children taken photos” is easier than adult photos for most of the students. There is so much more to say. I am very excited about these experiments and now in every class we take photos to heal them and ourselves. I am willing to share these experiments – as much as I can- if need be. I need your help and I feel they are extremely important (very very) for your research and myself. Whatever is needed I am available. This work is my passion. Down deep my heart I entertain the desire to have you opinate on my writings- and, this is my dream.”

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