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Dear Zaquie, Thanks for this new update...

“Dear Zaquie, Thanks for this new update. I’m glad you’re going on with this research and looking at who seems more ‘strong minded’. I suspect that in the real world this is what makes the most difference, because the sense of being stared at usually happens with strangers. However within families it also happens and there is maybe that people are more sensitive when they are in tune with each other. In some experiments in schools in Ireland, twins gave the best results, compared with unrelated people or non-twin siblings. I think it would be good to go on with the kind of tests you are doing, noting who might be more sensitive, or strong minded. Best wishes Rupert”

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Dear Rupert Sheldrake, saudações and saludos!

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, saudações and saludos! I hope everything is fine with you. I want to report some of the results of our tests. There were 2 groups: An entire new group which we didnt know who w

Dear Zaquie, Thanks for this feedback.

“Dear Zaquie Thanks for this feedback. It would be good to test the sensitive and strong people both ways round so I hope you can continue this in your next meeting. All the best Rupert”

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