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Dear Rupert Sheldrake, As you suggested we switched roles...

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, As you suggested we switched roles. The more sensitive people were looking at the strong people: Solange – who is very sensitive looking at Zoraide an executive woman resulted in 12 wrong and 8 right. Miriam who is a japanese sensitive woman looking at Sheila who has a very strong personality came to 14 wrong and 6 right. Eliana who is a jewish quiet person looking at Alessandra who believes herself to be mentally strong came to 10 wrong to 10 right. Allan , a young man looking at Denise (who believes to be strong) came to 8 wrong to 12 right. In reality Allan is much stronger than Denise so we only perceived this after the test. So probably he belongs to the first test. We had only 8 people – some missed it- On the 4 and 5 of December we shall continue on this path if you say so. I will be sending the physical tests to your address. All my best regards, sincerely yours, Zaquie Meredith”

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“Dear Zaquie Thanks for this feedback. It would be good to test the sensitive and strong people both ways round so I hope you can continue this in your next meeting. All the best Rupert”

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