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Rupert Sheldrake's Answer on October 4, 2006

“Many thanks for explaining your experiments with photos, and your work with feeling sensations. This is helpful to know about. In my own experiments, it is true that people do not have this preparation phase. It might work better if they did. But I’m doing something different, simply trying to measure whether people can tell when their photo is being looked at by another person. This is not related to healing. To test something like what you’re doing would be a completely different experiment, which at present I’m not able to set up. Although my own tests are very simple and crude compared with what you’re doing, it might be interesting to try them online on my website (through the online experiment portal, the photo telepathy test) it maybe that you or your subjects would be able to do much better than other people if you had the initial calming down preparation period first, before doing the test. It would be interesting to find out and if you have time I’d love to know what you discover.

Best wishes Rupert Sheldrake.”

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