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Sheldrake's Answer

“I think that this kind of test probably does work better with people who are in resonance with each other. But in the real world, the sense of being stared at occurs not only between people who know each other well, but often with strangers. In the wild, I think it is primarily to do with predator-prey relationships. But in this test situation, perhaps the telepathic component becomes more important. Yes but the tests are a “replica” of the real world. Shouldn’t they show something that happens in the real world? You have not answer if you think that strangers may be “attracted” to look only at “certain ” people. And “certain” people who have something in “common” which we don’t know and they don’t know either. All of this is unkown and strange . I also agree entirely with you that the look and being looked at may have to do with predator-prey relationship. And here is the secret, perhaps. Because not everyone looks. We look at people who we feel “attracted” to on a unconscious level whether positive or negative (my opinion) But here it may direct to other things and perhaps something for you to decide if it is important. I am only a neophyte only glad to learn with you It would be good if you could repeat some of these tests with people before and after working with each other. I have been to Brazil twice before, but don’t have any plans at present. I’m not sure when it will be possible, but there won’t be time next year. Thank you for all your helpful observations, and do please keep up the research if you can. This is pioneering work!”

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