Testing 2008/2009/2010 correspondence 02/17/2008

“Dear students and all, R. Sheldrake, one of the greatest scientists of our time, asked me to do the test via the internet. So I translated the test instructions for you. I did it myself and found it very easy. My friend had 7 hits with me and I had 3 hits. Truth is, I wasn't "on" in your thoughts or connected - I was worried about how the test worked. But this is an indication that the test needs to be done while you are connected (do you remember the “art of listening?”). each other before the test. I would suggest that you take the test from any day this December or January at least three or five times each pair. Please write down the results and with whom they did it and how many times they did it. Bring it to the next module and remember to put “zaquie” as the group name. ”

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