We did the staring tests

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, You are right. We did the staring tests in class with the idea that you requested, i.e., that the stronger person (influencer) would look at the more sensitive people and the results were amazing: 14 Right and 6 Wrong! The only person which result was inverted actually had said that she felt she was more of an influencer than of a sensitive person, so probably both positions were inverted. I am sending you these results by mail. Perhaps we can dare to say that when we are strolling, walking in the streets, only the mentally stronger people have the “power”to make us stare back at them.! What I had thought previously was that there must be a “connection”between the 2 people so they can score higher – or, at the streets, perhaps some hidden sincronicity… We are pleased to carry out your tests. Any more suggestions? All the best and my best regards.”

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