Zaquie Meredith letter to Sheldrake on December 8, 2007

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, I hope your trip to India was good. I dont understand how poverty can be so connected to spirituality as in India. I only can think this is mans idea but not God´s. Actually in the north of Brasil there is a lot of poverty and they are very religious. Maybe a reminiscence of our Catholic Church where “acceptance” of what is (poverty, no money, etc)- is a way to comune with God, to obey God and in this way some men can dominate others. What is your opinion on this, if you care to share- I would love to hear. Yes, we did 20 tests again and this time with an entirely different group.It was a group of people who never did this test before. What I noticed: -People who “like” and “accept” each other have better results (13 right to 7 wrong, 15 right to 5 wrong, 12 right to 8 wrong). -All of them had healings on each other however as this was an “introductory” course they did not have much experience on healings- which means their performance on healing each other was not so good. Any way the result was an average to 12 right to 8 wrong. However, reading your e-mail we did not do the “healing” comparing “not healing” tests. As I will be with the first group early march then we will follow this track- no healing and tests. Healing and tests. I have all the written tests with me and would you like me to send them over to you? Please let me know and the correct address. My best regards- it is always a pleasure to help you in this project or any other you feel we can help ,

Ms.Zaquie Meredith”

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