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Zaquie's letter to Rupert Sheldrake on October 27

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, October 27th To my my understanding, the main difference is the necessary time that the subjects have to have in order to embody the feeling of being looked at or not. The difference between “one minute” looked from the outside world is totally different from the “one minute” felt by the inside of a body. What counts is what you feel and not what the clock shows you. And “to me” thats the explanation why we “hold” on to certain emotions and others not. I had a house, once, in São Paulo, hit by a truck without brakes and the 5 minutes that took the fire help people to come to the house seemed to me more than endless and tormentous hours. And yet, it was said by observers: it took no longer than 5 minutes. The subjects have to “feel” inside their bodies if this is true or not true. (this is what I teach) They have to have “their” time to “capture” the sensation that floats in the air somehow -perhaps it can come like a warm breeze whispering: I see you or a cold wind which pays no attention to you and ignores you: I dont see you. (but equally important is the looker also not “send” any intention on the subject – even if he is not looking. I will remind them of this – any intention can distract and make the subject feel he is being looked at ). I believe in this so much that since I practise this I basically guess what is going on here and there which is pertinent to me – but not in the sense of gossip but in the sense of importance to me. I once ” heard” a german ex-teacher of mine say “no” in german (he was in Germany at the time I “heard” his “no” and I in Brasil – but I don’t speak german- I only remember the “no” was very harsh and out loud ) Later I found out, this was the exact time when he learned from somebody else I wanted to do something which he did not agree. Weeks later I received an email from him questioning me on this. I am only mentioning this so one can see how infinite possibilities we do have if only “we pay more attention to what is going on beyond us ” Mr. Sheldrake, I will pay attention to the people who are more sensitive. I noticed 3 or 4 highly sensitive. Perhaps we could put more variables – or change a little the test – to really challenge this high sense perception. If you have any suggestions please tell me. Our next class is December 1, 2nd. Yours sincerely,

Ms.Zaquie Meredith”

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