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Zaquie's letter to Sheldrake

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, I read your talk to Hunter Beaumont on (Systemic Solutions Bulletin 2001) about soul, spirit ,evolution, etc which was circulated at the constellation yahoo talk group. I am amazed at the clarity, concision, objectivity of your writing and how updated this paper just is! Fantastic – you are truly an illuminated man, if you allow me to say this. Best regards Zaquie Meredith”

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“Dear Zaquie, Thanks for this new update. I’m glad you’re going on with this research and looking at who seems more ‘strong minded’. I suspect that in the real world this is what makes the most differ

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake, saudações and saludos! I hope everything is fine with you. I want to report some of the results of our tests. There were 2 groups: An entire new group which we didnt know who w

“Dear Zaquie Thanks for this feedback. It would be good to test the sensitive and strong people both ways round so I hope you can continue this in your next meeting. All the best Rupert”

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