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Zaquie's Letter to Sheldrake November 16, 2006

“Dear Rupert Sheldrakwe November 16 It is an honor. I will reflect on how we can help to deepen these tests so they can bring clear results especially on people who can feel anothers communication having more time to feel it. Consider us your partners on your research, Mr. Sheldrake. Amd if the results don’t show a big difference I ask if the “way” we do the test doesn’t have to change? Because when I am “centered” and always calm inside myself I can perceive and know exactly what is going on outside of me , who is going to say what or call or what. It is like an “antena” that is “tuned up” and I am able to listen and perceive. I have noticed I am almost 90% right. So, if this is true with me and others the test must show this. How? Is introducing more time enough? Or, looking up the neck enough? Your sincerely,

Zaquie Meredith”

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