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Zaquie's Letter to Sheldrake October 4

“Dear Rupert Sheldrake,

Thank you for your answer and for reading my writings. We would be honored to contribute to your experiments on “staring” coming from this “calm’ state of mind. All my students (15) have heard of you and some know one or two of your books so, I have no doubt, they will be thrilled to do this . This has to be done in class and we will meet next October 14 in São Paulo. However, we do not have a computer over there. We would have to write down the results as well as the “don’t stare” or “stare at” words to be read on a piece of paper and have someone control the timing. Would you accept this? You will have to trust us and perhaps then we can record on your site. We can also use a “bell” to indicate the “beep sound”. Please give me specific instructions if need be. True, there are differences on our experiments however the ultimate results serve the same objective. When we look at our photographs (they way I described to you ) we “perceive” the sensations and we change us- cant you say that we are using some sort of telephaty to reach ourselves and influence ourselves without a word or physical contact ? With your comment you gave me an idea that I should try to have each of us look at another´ s photograph and do the same experiment. This would be a challenge – and perhaps in a way a sort of telepathy too? Thank you so much for your kind attention. If there is any specific instruction to do the experiment off line please advise. Otherwise, I will be sending you the results right after. Kindly yours,

Ms. Zaquie Meredith”

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