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Zaquie's letter to Sheldrake on October 24

“Dear Mr. Rupert Sheldrake, As we agreed with you , we conducted the looking – not looking Sheldrake experiments including a preparation phase for the subjects. This occurred in São Paulo, Brasil and there were 3 stages of Tests with 5 subjects and 5 lookers each, therefore, 60 tests were done in one day, morning, October 15th. To start the test we used a bell and then we spoke “start test 1” for example and gave 10 seconds for the answer and after this time we said “finish test 1” and next “start test 2” etc . All subjects – 2 or 3 minutes before prepared themselves with a meditation before the test. The first and second stage of tests did not have an ouststanding results despite this preparation. As we are used to doing many “telepathy” tests such as guessing each others thoughts, or what colour are you thinking or what sensation do you feel upon such subject, we were surprised. However we noticed that: -Four of us who were helping with the test – were sitting right in front of the subjects and therefore we could have had some influence on them. Some of the subjects might have been nervous – realizing we were “observing” if they did well. There was hardly any TIME between the tests.(we gave 10 seconds as suggested but this was not enough to “feel” if they were being looked at or not).Remember these subjects are used to “feel” in their bodies what is going on outside them – and “capture” any feelings theirs and others. So we changed this for the third stage as well as our positions which made a remarkable difference on the results. Results on the first stage: Total Right 53 Total Wrong 47 Results on the second stage: Totals Right 48 Wrong 52 Results on the third stage: Totals Right 62 Wrong -32 (* Observation) changing the positions and giving more time to answer : Observation – The people who were conducting the test such as myself and 3 others changed our positions BEHIND the looker and the subject for this 3rd stage. Also we gave MORE TIME between one test and another – TIME to breathe- to relax (we gave 10 seconds between the 10 seconds to answer each test performing a total of 20 seconds for each test) and this seemed to have made a remarkable difference. It also seemed that some subjects (some names were highly better than others – indicating that being sensitive makes a difference ) did better than others . We did not continue as they were tired for the effort meaning these subject “feel” before answering (3rd stage). We were excited to this and are willing to continue if you feel fit. We also would be very happy to learn what you thought of these tests especially the change and results of the 3rd stage. As to my photographs test we exchanged our photographs (childrens photographs) and performed a quick minute healing on each other not knowing who was who)and also the results were very good as some noticed some change on the expressions at these photographs. At your disposal, Yours sincerely proud to help in any way.”

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